About Bravery music

Bravery Music is about creating meaning in life. It's birthed out of the idea to be "brave", to step outside the norm and comfort you're used to and chase after what fulfills you. 

It's easy to do what people expect; work a job that pays the bills, keeping up social statuses with friends, and binge watch TV. We want more than that. We want meaning. We want deeper human connection. And we want our lives to inspire others to do the same.

So we created Bravery Music as a place to showcase our art that we hope does these things. We hope they can they're not just used on a listening level, but can be used along side visuals to help tells stories or share causes.

Furthermore we want to setup a place where people can come to find helpful resources in building their music (or any) career. Whether these are posts about how to copyright your material, personal how-to examples, or inspiring thoughts to help you keep pushing yourself we want to help others be "Brave".